Dan Russell - Voice Director

"If you ain't havin' fun something is wrong." Dan Russell

A Voice Director has one main task- to "serve the script." With all the effort that goes into conceiving a show, writing, re-writing, selling the idea, the financial backing, the music, the artwork and more, a Voice Director is a critical element. There's limited time in the studio to create a working whole, and Dan makes that happen while "serving the script" at all costs.

Dan keeps the needs of the show front and centre. His focus is pace, energy, timing and keeping an actor content and confident in front of a mic. He also tries to balance differing opinions, deadlines and voice integration to create the best work possible.

Voice Director

Dan is passionate about Voice Directing and firmly believes in one-on-one direction with actors when possible.

This allows the actor to have fun with a character and be "on" for an entire session. 

Dan's experience and expertise are vital for that to happen.

Voice Casting

Having cut his teeth voicing and singing for TV and radio it was a no-brainer that Dan would use his connections to source voices for shows he's involved in. Dan has a stock crew of talented actors and continuously seeks out new talent to keep his contributions relevant and fresh.

Script Polishing

Script polishing is a fancy way to say "make it better!" Dan can provide that service to the client's desire. Born and raised in the US and then living abroad for 30 years, Dan is able to bridge potential language gaps- double entendre mistakes, missed gags, timing questions. It all matters!


Dan understands the technical side of studios and audio production, and because of this he can troubleshoot discussions about compression, pitching, mic technique, VFX, etc. quickly. This also allows technical and creative decisions to happen more naturally.